• Private Pilot License (PPL)

    Private Pilot License (PPL)

    Private Pilot License (PPL)

    Flight Training
    Make your dreams of flying a reality. Cobra Kai Flight Academy will tailor your flight training to fit your personality, needs and goals. Call us and start your flight training today!

    Ground School
    Cobra Kai offers a very versatile ground school program. We have a rolling admission which allows you to start at anytime. Although attendance is preferred, all classes are available through live-web conferencing using any computer, tablet or smartphone. If a student misses a class or wants to review, all sessions are recorded and made available via internet.

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  • Instrument Rating Flight & Ground Instruction

    Instrument Rating Flight & Ground Instruction

    Instrument Rating Flight & Ground Instruction

    We offer you the possibility to get your Instrument Ground School for you license done were ever you are as long as you have Internet access. Our instructors will teach you live in front of your computer or mobile device, you can ask questions or interact and share experiences with other students.  No boring computer tutorials or 25-year-old videos, which cannot explain your questions on how to apply the newly learned, instrument knowledge into the aircraft.

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  • Commercial Flight Instructor Ground School / Flight Instructions

    Commercial Flight Instructor Ground School / Flight Instructions

    Commercial Flight Instructor Ground School / Flight Instructions

    Our head of training is one of the most successful Instructor Pilots for teaching Instructor Pilots to be. He was recognized as the best Instructor Pilot out of 9 nations in 2010.  You will be trained with his unique technique of delivering ground and inflight instruction.  The Cobra Kai method will make you a superior Instructor Pilot, which will lead to being recognized by your peers immediately, because of your outstanding knowledge and performance.  Becoming a flight instructor is not just learning a set of new tools, it will require first of all your dedication and willingness to learn and secondly an attitude adjustment as a Pilot.


  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

    Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

    Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

    Use the Cobra Kai Method of instruction to receive your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)rating.

    • – Total Immersion Flight Training
    • – Experienced, ex-NATO instructors
    • – 3-Day Fast Track Program
    • – 1-on-1 and/or small group training only


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Cobra Kai is a FAA approved Flight Academy: We allow you to do your Ground School from HOME, WORK, VACATION or where ever you want!

CobraKai Flight Academy has specialized in Aviation Ground Schooling with their unique way of teaching. We offer any kind of Ground School required for Pilot Certificates in accordance with FAA requirements. We will bring the classroom into your Home, Business or Flight School. All you need is internet access and mobile device or computer to follow our live classes.

Our instructors are the best in the field of aviation. They are individually trained by our Head of Training. He developed and used the CobraKai method in Military-and Civilian Aviation, which led to multiple national and international awards and recognitions in the field of aviation education.

The CobraKai method of flight instruction is extremely flexible.  We offer the following via online &/or face-to-face:

  • Classroom Learning
  • 1 on 1 instruction (ground & flight instruction)
  • Prep for all pilot certifications and exams

Online Learning

Online learning is flexible—you can work on your courses and certifications at a time and place that fits your life—but you should expect to be engaged, inspired, and challenged. You will use our online campus and your courseroom to connect and engage with course materials, your classmates, instructors, and more.

How to get started…

  1. Call or email us and request login information.
  2. Login and complete your profile.
  3. Explore course material, create and manage your classes.
  4. Engage with our instructor and start your training.


Get a Free Assessment

Many new and hopeful pilots are considered “non-traditional”.  Contact us today and receive a free assessment and personalized guidance which will include our suggestions on the best and most efficient method in reaching your goal(s).  Regardless your age or experience we can tailor a customized learning program to fit your needs.  We are specialists at thinking “outside the box.