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Cost of Training

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Training Costs

If the customer does not want a written contract, he by default agrees to consent with the

published rates of the flight school!

PPL package: $10990 includes 44 aircraft hours and 2.5 instructor hours/dual flight. No additional cost for instructor as long as the average of 2.5 hours of instructor required per dual training flight over the course of training is not exceeded)

Aircraft hourly rates (wet)

Grumman Cheetah$144

Cherokee 140 $119

Beech Bonanza A36$350

Beech Baron BE55$500

Instruments package:$9990 (40 aircraft hours, instructor included) Instructor Rates:$ 50 for instructor/hour on Single-Engine$ 60 for instructor/hour on Multi-Engine$ 60 for instructor/hour on non-flight school aircraft / non local
ATP ASEL: $1990 (6 aircraft hours on complex / high performance, instructor included)ATP ASEL: $1500 if ATP AMEL is already existing Ground School:PPL:  $599 ;Military:$549; College:$389; Refresher: $389

           Instruments: $649; Military $589; College: $499 Ref: $449

           Commercial: $999; Military $999; College: $999

AMEL private package: $5990 (10 aircraft hours, instructor included) Equipment Rental:Headset Rental:$40PPLEquipment: $150 (Maps/E6B/Plotter)
ATP AMEL (military conversion): $4495 (6.5 aircraft hours, 15 instructor included) AMEI (military conversion): $2600 (6 aircraft hours, instructor included)

Instructor License cost only on request

Aircraft cost will be billed in 1/10 of an hour motor on to motor off/wet; No refunds on package deals for unused aircraft hours